Fundu Lagoon is a rare, magical destination.  Each season both new and returning guests arrive on the remote, dreamy shores of Pemba Island and drift into the gentle rhythm of Fundu life.

Mornings spent idling along the beach in sunshine morph seamlessly into poolside lunches.  Dive trips segue into sundowners at the jetty bar and convivial dinners slip effortlessly into late drinks with new friends.

However, the intoxicating easy atmosphere is perhaps more akin to that found in theatre.  Beneath the calm surface beats the strong heart of a vibrant and dynamic community.

This book charts the unique inspiration and motivation that built Fundu Lagoon.  It touches on the triumphs and travails experienced in constructing a privately owned boutique hotel on a remote equatorial tropical island.

Ultimately, this is a story about the extraordinary people who created the place, those who work in it and those who are lucky enough to visit.

This is Fundu Lagoon.